The Astral Imperial Army is one of the five military branches of the Astral Imperial Military. As the main fighting force of the Astral Empire, the AIA fields millions of armored fighting vehicles supported by billions of soldiers and other pieces of machinery.


The Astral Imperial Army's origins are as mysterious as the empire itself. The army has conquered many star systems under the name of the empire and is very successful at doing it. The sudden change of situation during the 6th millennium has caused the army to receive severe losses, with millions of soldiers dead and many vehicles destroyed. Even with the mass-production of powered armor, advanced robots, and plasma grenades, the army is still losing and with the empire on it's last legs, it's up to them to fight until the last soldier falls.


The Astral Imperial Army has a heavy reliance on laser weaponry, with almost all of their troops being issued with at least a laser weapon of sorts. Ballistic weaponry, like a pistol, are only used by high ranking officers for self-defense. The army fields tracked and wheeled vehicles, a contrast to their adversaries anti-gravity vehicles (hover). Another peculiar trait is the army's use of combat robots and powered armor, unlike their opponents' use on battlesuits.


The ranks of a soldier and an officer is based on the amount of kills, battles survived, experience, and the heroic deeds one does. The ranks are:

Officer Ranks Soldier Ranks
Grand Marshal Grand General
Supreme Marshal Supreme General
Field Marshal Field General
Lieutenant Colonel
Major Captain
Commander Sergeant
Warrant Officer Corporal
Private Officer Private Soldier
Office Boy FNG


As if reality is an RPG game, the army adopts the class-system, where the soldiers specializes in one particular weapon and skill. The classes that are acknowledged by the army includes:

Omega Squad

Astral Imperial Army soldiers of various classes. From left to right: Machine Gunner, Grenadier, Rifleman, Marksman, Minigunner.

Classes Description
Rifleman The meat shield of the army, the riflemen are the first to be sent and the first to die on the battlefield. As the name suggests, the rifleman-class uses rifles as their main weapon as well as pistols for emergency purposes. Ironically riflemen are promoted faster than the rest of the class due to their outstanding display of bravery.
Shieldbearer Shieldbearers are the close quarters specialists of the AIA, carrying adamantium shields and a laser shotgun for their missions. Due to the use of the shields, Shieldbearers are often called cowards by both the AIA and their enemies. Shieldbearers are also used for peacekeeping purposes on some planets.
Engineer Engineers are skilled in building temporary fortifications, fixing vehicles and armor, and destroying buildings. While engineers are usually put on the back, the AIA engineers are instead semi-frontline combat units, carrying laser rifles, suicide drones, and a pack of explosives for demolition purposes.
Medic Medics are support units of the AIA, supporting infantry columns by delivering a surge of healing energy through their Recoverifle. Due to their importance on the field, medics are almost always guarded by armored fighting vehicles, combat robots, or infantry.
Incinerator Incinerators are support units carrying anti-infantry flamethrowers on the battlefield. Originally they carried machine guns to support infantry columns but changes in warfare tactics caused them to swap into flamethrowers. They wear heavy, heat resistant armor that are also semi-bulletproof, as well as laser grenades for emergency purposes. 
Minigunner Minigunners are heavily armored soldiers carrying laser miniguns for anti-armor and anti-air purposes. The minigunners are rumored to be super soldiers and cyborgs of the army, hence their trademark bowl mask. It has been suggested that the Minigguner class to be merged with the Grenadier classes.
Grenadier Grenadiers are lightly armored soldiers of the AIA carrying plasma grenades and a grenade launcher for longer range. They are capable of placing anti-infantry and anti-tank mines, as well as calling airstrikes. It has been suggested that the Grenadier class to be merged with the Minigunner class.
Marksman Marksman are scout units of the AIA, armed with an anti-materiel laser sniper rifle. As their job is to scout the battlefield swiftly and to support the AIA troops from behind, their armor is incredibly light and stealthy. For security purposes, marksmen are not allowed to bring empty glass bottles to battle.


  • Combat Corps: The main fighting force of the army consists of combat-capable soldiers and robots as well as armored fighting vehicles.
  • Engineering Corps: The engineering corps of the army consists of the most talented engineers of the empire supported by their large arsenal of combat robots. 
  • Forces Corps: The elite of the most elite, the Forces Corps of the army consists of the best soldiers of the empire and the strongest of all the vehicles available.

Notable Soldiers and Officers

  • Colonel Sanders: Colonel Sanders was the leader of the KFC (Kinetic Force Command) Artillery Corps who famously fought on the conflict known as 'Fast Foot Wars', where he bested the enemy artillery crew in an 8-day engagement. He received the Medal of the Golden Wings for his efforts.
  • Commander The Commander: The illusive AIA commander only known as Commander, was one of the army's most skilled officers, winning countless engagements without casualties. After the tide has turned however, the commander was captured on his base located in Planet Raynor and his status remains unknown to this day.

Weaponry of the Astral Imperial Army

Infantry Weapons

  • L9 Laser Pistol
  • Phaserton Laser Rifle
  • SC-477ER Laser Shotgun
  • Adamantium Shield
  • C400 Explosive Charge
  • MediGun
  • Flamethrower
  • Laser Grenades
  • Terror 4000 Laser Minigun
  • M25 Grenade Launcher
  • Plasma Grenade
  • AI/AT Mines
  • Cobra Anti-materiel Laser Sniper Rifle


  • Rhino APC
  • Pangolin Armored Recovery Vehicle (Engineering Corps)
  • Fire Ant Flame Tank (Combat Corps)
  • Dingo Light Tank (Combat Corps)
  • Wolf Medium Tank (Forces Corps)
  • Fox Anti-Infantry and Anti-Air Tank (Forces Corps)
  • Scorpion Mobile Laser Cannon (Combat Corps)
  • Spider Siege Tank (Forces Corps)
  • Mammoth Heavy Tank (Combat Corps)
  • Dimetrodon Super Heavy Tank (Combat Corps)

Combat Robots

  • Midas Humanoid Robot
  • Wolverine Anti-Infantry Walker (Engineering Corps)
  • Moa Anti-Air Walker (Combat Corps)
  • Gecko Stealth Walker
  • Ostrich Anti-Tank Walker (Engineering Corps)
  • Turkey Siege Walker (Engineering Corps)
  • Paraceratherium Super Heavy Walker (Engineering Corps)
  • Tyrannosaur Nuclear Walker (Forces Corps)


  • The Astral Imperial Army as a whole is a parody of the real time strategy genre, with various classes, the ability to field thousands of units at the same time, and a mysterious unnamed commander.
    • This is further referenced by the pictures of their vehicles and combat robots, with many of them originating from RTS games.
  • There are no dogs fielded by the Astral Imperial Army, despite the class picture showing two of them.
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