An ancient reliquary of knowledge, the Axion is an object of great knowledge and mystery.


The reliquary resembles a cylinder shaped object with bands of metal swirling around it in a dual fashion from top to bottom. While the body is metal, the top glows with and ethereal blue light. There are several rings at the top of the object with ancient characters etched into them.

In truth, this is not the Axion, the Axion is a massive diamond shaped white/blue Photonic Crystal, inside the metal casing.


The internal crystal holds a Hyperspace Bridge, in a pocket dimension, as well as massive amounts of information. The outer casing serves not only as a protective casing, but also an energy regulator


  • Knowledge: The Axion holds the vast historical and technological knowledge of each race it represents.
  • Sparks: The Axion can create sparks and also restore them. It can also upgrade a spark and cleanse a tainted one.

Galactic Robot War

It is, was the source of most Sparks, but due to it's lessening pulses, and the loss of the Matrix, the female gender, was engineered into the species.

Super Robot Academy

The Axion is a treasure of the Super Robots, holding great knowledge though only a true prime can access, something which has not happened in recent history. It also generates HotSpots, places where Sparks naturally form, but in recent memory no one can remember the last time that happened.


  • The Axion is named after a Transdimensional city in Transformer's fiction. It is based of the super computer Vector Sigma as well.
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