Blasters refer to a certain types of energy weapons used. The term is also used to refer to Directed Energy weapons of all types, typically the hand held kind.


The appearance of a blaster is generally similar to a gun, but the exact design varies per culture, technology etc.


  • Type 1: This type of Blaster is typically fires slugs that have been heated to a near molten state and fired by the same em forces. They are often called Sluggers or Bolters.
  • Type 2: This types fires 'packets' of particle energy that have been condensed by EM forces. They are often referred to as a Laser Gun or Lasgun.
  • Type 3: These are more conventional forms of Plasma Casters which ignite special gas in a chamber, condense and then fire it as a plasma bullet. This is the correct type of weapon for calling a blaster.

Regardless of which type they were, blasters were inferior to Plasma Casters in terms of offensive power and accuracy. Type 2 blasters were notorious for their terrible accuracy especially in atmosphere environments where the heat up air, off setting their accuracy for the immediate shot after unless there was a cool down. Type 3's also began to loose accuracy quickly after successive shots, although some models compensated for this


Most advance civilizations use one form of blaster or the other. They are so wide spread that for most bullet/slug weapons become rare. The most commonly used in Type 3 and then 2.


In all of SolZen's series,Maxion, Galactic Robot War etc , all basic Blasters follow the same composition, being based on Plasma Technology. Fuel from an Energy Pack is absorbed and goes throw a plasma converter, before being placed in internal plasma tank(s). The barrel is comprised of a plasma emitter, wall with integrated plasma coils, giving it a railgun like firing mechanism. They are basically Type 3 Blasters.

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