• SolZen321

    A generator for mechanoid characters, like Cybertronians, etc. Not super robots, just your typical giant living robot.

    • Color
    • Descriptor

    • Style
      1. Basic
      2. Samurai
      3. Love Handles
      4. Antennae Ears
      5. Megaman/Reploid Style - Circular Cone ear pieces
      6. Knightly Helmet
      7. Army Cap
    • Features

    • Pending

    • Style
    • Color

    • Pending

    1. Square and Block
    2. Organic Curves
    3. Biomechanical
    4. Pending

    1. Pending

    1. Pending

    1. Pending
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  • SolZen321

    Armada Generator

    September 8, 2020 by SolZen321

    Build a fleet of ships, design some ships, etc.

    • Front
      1. Cylinder
      2. Wedge
      3. Downward Triangle
      4. Hammerhead
      5. Vertical Hammerhead
      6. Trireme
    • Middle
      1. Rectangle
      2. Cylinder
      3. Downward Triangle
      4. Wedge
      5. Oval
      6. Circle
    • Aft
      1. Circle Arrangement
      2. Wedge Arrangement
      3. Quad Nacelle Arrangements
      4. Double Nacelle Arrangements
      5. Vertical Arrangement
      6. Elongated Nacelles

    • Engines
      1. Stealth Engines
      2. Gravity Engines
      3. Ion Engines
      4. Plasma Engines
    • Main Weapons
      1. Small Lasers: Good for breaking apart asteroids or cleaning a capital ship's hulll, not so good for destroying another ship.
      2. Plasma Cannon:
      3. Phaser Banks:
      4. Automatic Cannons
    • Secondary Weapons
      1. EMP Mines
      2. Charge Cannon: A potent death ray that needs to be charged before firing
      3. Anti-Matter Missiles:
      4. Swarm Missiles
    • Sensors
      1. Long Range-Scanners
      2. Jamming Signal
      3. Interior Scanners
      4. Electronic Warfa…

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  • SolZen321

    Starfighter Generator

    August 14, 2020 by SolZen321

    For all those who want to make a custom star fighter...but don't have a clue of where to start.

    • Main Shape
      1. Wedge
      2. Slant
      3. Cylinder
      4. Sphere
      5. Flat/Rectangular
      6. Twin Points
    • Wings: Roll A D4
      1. Circle
      2. Twin Spheres
      3. Rocket Tips
      4. Rockets at Wing Base
      5. Ventral Wing Rocket
      6. Wing Shields
      7. Wing Flaps
      8. Asymmetrical Wings
    • Other Design Aspects
      1. Central Circle
      2. 'Pincers’
      3. Mandible style blades
      4. Large Main Engine
      5. Two Pairs of Wings
      6. Wide Body

    • Engines
      1. Stealth Engines
      2. Impulse Engines
      3. Ion Engines
      4. Plasma Engines
    • Main Weapons
      1. Standard Lasers: Good for breaking apart asteroids or cleaning a capital ship's hulll, not so good for destroying another ship.
      2. Plasma Cannons:
      3. Phaser Banks:
      4. Automatic Cannons
      5. Disruptors
      6. Blasters
    • Secondary Weapons
      1. EMP Mines
      2. Secondary Cannon: Roll on the main weapon again.
      3. Anti-Matter Missiles:
      4. Sw…

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  • SolZen321

    Basic Templates

    August 3, 2020 by SolZen321

    Inspired by a blog I did on Ultra Fan Wiki. This is to help make it easier to find certain Templates and a list of Tempaltes I need to do.

    • Good Robot
    • Evil Robot
    • Mature Warning
    • Episodes
    • Series
    • Ships and Vessels
    • Races
    • Device
    • Planet
    • Kaiju
    • Evil Empire
    • Dark Lord
    • Organization
    • Human Character
    • Non-Human Character
    • Location
    • Substances

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  • SolZen321

    Names Generator

    August 1, 2020 by SolZen321

    A name generator, not for Super Robots, that's on their own generator, but for generic characters and such, and transformer style names. If you're looking for alien names, try the Space Characters Generator. Also, yes, much of this does borrow from the Name Generators I did on UltraFan.

    1. Japanese Names
    2. Western Names
    3. Western Given Name/ Japanese Family Name
    4. Japanese Given Name/ Western Family Name

    • Male Names
      1. Makoto
      2. Kei
      3. Satoshi
      4. Sadao
      5. Ken
      6. Yasao
      7. Takeshi
      8. Katsu
      9. Daichi
      10. Toru
      11. Hideo
      12. Hideaki
      13. Takehiko
      14. Kenta
      15. Fumio
      16. Toshio
      17. Shin
      18. Hiro
      19. Makoto
      20. Kioshi
    • Female Names
      1. Mizuki
      2. Akiko
      3. Ren
      4. Cho
      5. Noriko
      6. Hotaru
      7. Hisoka
      8. Naoki
      9. Izumi
      10. Hikari
      11. Chieko
      12. Gina
      13. Natsuko
      14. Asami
      15. Cho
      16. Emiko
      17. Aika
      18. Usagi
      19. Yuriko
      20. Rei
    • Family Name
      1. Tanaka
      2. Sakurazaki
      3. Asakura
      4. Takeda
      5. Uehara
      6. Kimura
      7. Miyakawa
      8. Kagehama
      9. Shiraishi
      10. Tachibana
      11. Miyata
      12. Miyazaki
      13. Koiwa
      14. Kagemura
      15. Serizawa
      16. Mihama …

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  • SolZen321

    Galaxy Generator

    July 27, 2020 by SolZen321

    I've brought over the Galaxy generator, to assist with world building scifi settings etc. A few changes were made, like the removal of Ultra references, to better fit the Mecha theme.

    A common name is name more often used by maybe aliens, and/or the galaxies inhabitants. For example, our own Galaxy is called the Milky Way

    1. Figure: Use an individual or family name. Or maybe the main star empire.
    2. Legend: Use a figure of legend to name a galaxy. Example, the Arthurian Galaxy.
    3. Mythological Figure: The galaxy is named after a deity or heroic figure. Best example, Andromeda Galaxy.
    4. Descriptor Modified: The galaxy is most known for a particular landmark, or quirk. E.g. The Dark Nebula Galaxy.

    Roll a D4 for the number of letters in the first part of the …

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  • SolZen321

    Planet Generator

    July 27, 2020 by SolZen321

    I've brought over the Planet Generator from Ultra Fan, for obvious reasons. I just made a few tweaks here and there to better match the Super Robot theme.

    1. Continental: Think Earth and its various biomes. Also called Gaian.
    2. Desert: You've seen Star Wars and if you haven't...what's wrong with you...
    3. Arid: Think the wild west...but most of a planet.
    4. Tundra: Cold, but not so cold that vegetation can't grow on the surface.
    5. Tropical: Most of the planet is a tropical jungle, with some swamps thrown in there.
    6. Arctic: Now it's too cold for vegetation on the surface.
    7. Ocean: There is little if any land masses, everything is under water.
    8. Barren: Even Desert worlds have atmospheres. They come in many flavors, hot or cold, one example is to look to the moon or …

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  • SolZen321

    Brought over from Ultra Fan, this is for less humanoid aliens and more the aliens you would see in old Tokusatsu shows. You maye recognize this as the 'Seijin Generator'.

    1. Slim
    2. Humanoid
    3. Bulky
    4. Other

    • Texture
      1. Leather
      2. Ridged
      3. Bumby
      4. Robotic/Suit
      5. Bumps and Lines: The skin is smooth but it is dotted with bumbs/orbs and raised lines
      6. Ridged and Smooth
      7. Porous Armor: They have armor of another color over their chest arms and legs.
      8. Biomechanical: Their body is almost mechanical in appearance
    • Color
      1. Grey
      2. Black
      3. Blue
      4. Brown
      5. Gold
      6. Yellow
      7. Chrome
      8. Lavender
      9. Purple
      10. Brown

    • Shape/Style
      1. Bell
      2. Mask
      3. Cylnder
      4. Enlarged Cranium
      5. Triangular
      6. Helmet
      7. Metal Dome
      8. Elongated Neck
      9. Almond Shaped
      10. Asymetrical
    • Features: Roll a D4
      1. Antennae
      2. Eyes on Stalks
      3. Jaw Armor
      4. Mushroom Cap: Not literally
      5. Main of Hair
      6. Horns
      7. Large Ears
      8. Horn with a …

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  • SolZen321

    Another Generator brought over from Ultra Fan. This one is less associated with super robots, but still fits all the same.

    1. Humanoid
    2. Kaiju: Standard Kaiju build/posture.
    3. Quadraped: Instead of walking on two legs, it runs on four. Greater stability and greater speed.
    4. Arachnid: Bugs...nuff said.

    • Color
      1. Yellow
      2. Green
      3. Red
      4. Grey
      5. Gunmetal Black
      6. Purple
      7. Blue
      8. Chrome
      9. White
      10. Roll for Two
    • Texture
      1. Welded
      2. Scripture
      3. Polished
      4. Tarnished
      5. Chrome
      6. Segments
      7. Stone
      8. Reroll

    • Eyes
      • Style
        1. Visor
        2. Optics
        3. Cylinder Eyes
        4. Single Optic
      • Color
        1. White
        2. Blue
        3. Yellow
        4. Red
    • Features: Roll a D6
      1. Vent
      2. Beak
      3. Crest: Roll D4
      4. Crystal Core
      5. Antennae Horns
      6. Horns: Roll a D4
      7. Pronounced Lower Jaw
      8. Head Tail
      9. Shoulders: The shoulders are massive and right next to the head, almost connected.
      10. Faceplate
      11. Wings
      12. Retractable Visor Piece

    1. Hands
      1. Digits: Roll a D4 to d…

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  • SolZen321

    Another Generator I brought over. On Ultra Fan, you may know this as the Pulp Adventure Generator. Long story short, the idea is to capture the feeling of those older pre-Star Wars scifi adventures. Enjoy.

    1. Pulp Fiction: There's not automatically any super robots, Kaiju, or giant heroes, just Ray Guns, Robots and Rocket ship type shenanigans
    2. Kaiju Story: There's a giant monster, nuff said.
    3. Giant Hero Story: There's a giant hero, and likely a giant monster
    4. Super Robot Story: There's a giant robot, maybe to fight aliens and/or a giant monster, or another giant robot.
    5. Star Trek Story: Definitely not taking place on Earth, but also one should not really expect any Kaiju, giants or giant robots.
    6. Other

    1. Male
    2. Female
    3. Male
    4. Female

    Note, these are not necesarrily…

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  • SolZen321

    Brought over from Ultra Fan, a generator, for space faring criminal elements.

    1. Male
    2. Female
    3. Male
    4. Female

    1. Literal: 
      1. 2D6+16
      2. 6D6+15
      3. 4D6 times 5
      4. D6 times D6 Times D4: If result is under 16, then add your result to 16
    2. Physical: This presumes the number you got is something old. Example if you get 24, why would you need to roll for a physical age?
      1. Young Adult
      2. Adult
      3. Middle Age
      4. Early Twenties
      5. Other: Choose a specific age over 15
      6. Roll Again

    1. Halfling
    2. Humanoid
    3. Dwarf
    4. Humanoid
    5. Elf
    6. Humanoid

    1. Tan
    2. Brown
    3. Dark Grey
    4. Lavender
    5. Pink
    6. Dark Red
    7. Green
    8. Blue
    9. Scaly
    10. Fur:

    1. Blue
    2. Brown
    3. Hazel
    4. Green
    5. Red
    6. Purple
    7. Yellow
    8. Black
    9. Grey
    10. Chrome

    Roll a D4

    1. Scales
    2. Fur
    3. Hood
    4. Facial Markings
      1. Locations
        1. Cheek Mark: A singular cheek mark
        2. Cheek Marks: Marks on both cheeks
        3. Jaw Mark: A mark on the lower jaw
        4. Jaw Marks: The Mark is on the jaws stretchin…

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  • SolZen321

    (Brought over from UltraFan) This is one that was asked for, a generator to create background characters, minor characters...Redshirt, etc. So Here I go.

    • Version 1
      • Male
      • Female
      • Other: Pick Whatever you want, or roll again.
      • Reroll
    • Version 2: If you're really not in the mood to decide and you want something now
      • Male
      • Female
      • Male
      • Female

    1. Caucasian
    2. Asian
    3. African
    4. Mixed
      1. Pale
      2. Fair
      3. Tan
      4. Dark Skin

    1. Teenager
    2. Adult
    3. Middle Age
    4. Adult

    1. Going to School
    2. Office Uniform
    3. Police Uniform/Doctor's Uniform/Military Uniform/ Scout Uniform
    4. Casual
    5. Punk/Deliquant/Criminal
    6. Hobo

    1. Odd color eyes
    2. Bald
    3. Taller than the rest
    4. Shorter than the rest
    5. Fat
    6. Skinny
    7. Androgynous
    8. Muscular/Athletic
    9. Strange Hair Style
    10. Tacky
    11. Flashy Trinket
    12. necklace pendant.

    • Step 1: Roll up your first character
    • Step 2: Having done that use it as the ba…

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  • SolZen321

    Yet another generator, this time, for the creation of your anime Waifu...or Husbando.

    Things to Do

    • Finish modify appearance section
    • Do Physical Quirks chart
    • Finishe Genre Quirks section
    • Romance Section

    Now, from some complaints I've gotten that my gender chart doesn't represent 'non-binary' characters or the LGBT...I'm really not bothered,  because this is a guideline, and it's based on the options of the Online Dicer Roller. Also because...roll three times. Once for the base gender, two for the gener identity, and/or the last time for preference. I'm rather annoyed with people not using their brains with these things.

    1. Male
    2. Female
    3. Male
    4. Female

    When ever your told a non specific 'color chart'

    • Color
      1. Red
      2. Blue
      3. Green
      4. Yellow
      5. Black
      6. White
      7. Purple
      8. Chrome.
      9. Grey
      10. Orange
    • Descr…

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  • SolZen321

    As, maybe my ultimate act of taking something too far, a character generator themed after anime nonsense.

    When ever your told a non specific 'color chart'

    • Color
      1. Red
      2. Blue
      3. Green
      4. Yellow
      5. Black
      6. White
      7. Purple
      8. Chrome.
      9. Grey
      10. Orange
    • Description
      1. Bright
      2. Dull
      3. Neon
      4. Dark

    1. Male
    2. Female
    3. Male
    4. Female

    • Base Hair
      • Style
        1. Spiky Hair: Shonen Hair
        2. Bowl
        3. Swept Back
        4. Long
        5. Side Bangs
        6. Asymmetrical
        7. Front Bangs
        8. Short/Short Shonen Hair
        9. Part Bangs.
        10. Swirl
      • Female Alternative
        1. Rapunzel Hair
        2. Hime Cut
        3. Ringlets
        4. Idiot Lock
        5. Curls
        6. Boy Hair
        7. Twintails
        8. Ponytail
      • Color
        1. Black
        2. Brown
        3. White
        4. Red
        5. Blonde
        6. Grey
    • Second Tone Hair
      • Style
        1. Front Bangs
        2. Top: The top of the head is another color and that's it.
        3. Side Spikes: Roll a D4 for the number of spikes
        4. Upward Bangs: Roll a D4 for the number of bands
        5. Front Tone: The front of the hair above the forehead is a diff…

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  • SolZen321

    Kaijin Generator

    June 24, 2020 by SolZen321

    Yet another character generator. This one is a bit different. It's advised that you create a normal character, be it the space character generator or what have you. The idea of Kaijin is that these are 'combat' forms other characters will use. You can make a character here that doesn't have a human(oid) form, but for the most part, it's a combat form. Also, these are Kaijin, incase you're not familiar with the term/trope, these are designed to be giants.

    This is also a great place for minions for Dark Lord Characters.

    1. Male
    2. Female
    3. Male
    4. Female

    1. 2D6+16
    2. 6D6+15
    3. 4D6 times 5
    4. D6 times D6 Times D4: If result is under 16, then add your result to 16

    1. Light: Slim, almost thin
    2. Medium: Not much bigger than the average humanoid
    3. Heavy: A muscular looking speciment
    4. Ultra…

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  • SolZen321

    Xenomorph Generator

    June 22, 2020 by SolZen321

    A generator, not so much for characters as it is for space monsters, and not the giant kind. This is for those beasts you often find in swarms.

    So let's start with the basic drone, to decide what to expect from the rest of the hive.

    1. Pithicine: Essentialy, they are shaped like Gorillas, Chimps etc.
    2. Canid: Four legged, similar to dogs and wolves
    3. Feline: Four legged, similar to cats, are less speed and more agility
    4. Ursoid: Equally adapt on two legs and four, like a bear.
    5. Cetacean: Lower halfs are tails, good swimmers.
    6. Arachnid: Spider like, lots of legs.
    7. Serpentine: I know I don't need to explain this
    8. Bipedal: You're bipedal...or you should be.

    • Type:
      1. Smooth
      2. Rough
      3. Rocky
      4. Spiky
      5. Biomechanical
      6. Fiberous
    • Color
      1. Black
      2. Dark Red
      3. Burgandy
      4. Bone White
      5. Deep Purple
      6. Green
      7. Deep Blue
      8. O…

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  • SolZen321

    Dark Lord Generator

    June 20, 2020 by SolZen321

    Yes, another Character Generator, this time for Dark Lord type characters like Alien Empera, Juda, Khan and Kerib. Enjoy. Also, remember the rules, this generator is a guideline.

    1. Male
    2. Female
    3. Male
    4. Female.

    1. Black
    2. Red
    3. Grey
    4. Black and Red
    5. Black and Gold
    6. Other

    1. Helmet/Humanoid: The common face, and what you will be rolling for below, is just a helmet and the Dark Lord actually resembles a humanoid being.
    2. Ultra Face: Their face is like an Ultra's, mask-like with a crest.
    3. Ultranoid Face: Their face, while Ultra like, can move and express itself like a human's
    4. Stone Faced: Their face is like a mask carved of stone.
    5. Montrous Face: Their face has more in common with an oni than a human or Ultra(noid)'s.
    6. Human: Their face looks practically human
      1. Blue Tinted
      2. Sickly Pale
      3. Pu…

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  • SolZen321

    A character generator to create pilots/partners for your Robots, if they need one. Now, from my experience, I feel the need to say this upfront. Roll for what you need, and change what doesn't work.

    1. Hot-blooded
    2. Cool Dude
    3. The Silent One:
    4. Loud Mouth:
    5. The Smart Mouth
    6. The Unwilling Pacifist:
    7. Eccentric Genius:
    8. Captain Mom/Dad:
    9. Aristocrat
    10. Hapless Everyman:
    11. Carefree Wanderer:
    12. Rebellious Punk:
    13. Pretty Face
    14. Spoiled Brat
    15. Theatrical
    16. Timid
    17. Reluctant
    18. Bombastic
    19. Pompous
    20. Wide Eyed

    1. Kid
    2. Teenager:
    3. Late Teens:
    4. Twenty Something
    5. Middle Aged:
    6. Forty Something:

    1. Easily Distracted
    2. Dull Senses
    3. Average
    4. Fervid
    5. Iron Will
    6. Unbreakable Spirit

    1. Creator's Relative:
    2. Psychic:
    3. Military Brat:
    4. Billionaire, Playboy, Genius, Inventor, Philanthropist:
    5. Billionaire, Playboy, Genius, Inventor, Philanthropist…

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  • SolZen321

    I use the term 'Space Human' to refer to humanoid characters from space, who...are basically human, culture shock and maybe super powers not withstanding.

    Now this doesn't mean that they will look completely human. Now let me be clear. If you have a certain character in mind and the options don't match up, that's fine you can just pick and choose, within reason.

    Roll a D4 and then a D12 to decide how many inches to add.

    1. 4
    2. 5
    3. 5
    4. 4

    1. Literal: 
      1. 2D6+16
      2. 6D6+15
      3. 4D6 times 5
      4. D6 times D6 Times D4: If result is under 16, then add it to 16
    2. Physical: This presumes the number you got is something old. Example if your 24, why would you need to roll for a physical age?
      1. Young Adult
      2. Adult
      3. Middle Age
      4. Early Twenties
      5. Other: Choose a specific age over 15
      6. Roll Again

    1. Slim
    2. Muscular
    3. Athel…

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  • SolZen321

    Alien Generator

    June 8, 2020 by SolZen321

    I've most brought this over from Ultra Fan, but with some modification.

    These are the first charts in the alien creation process, starting with Body Type and then the chart dictated by the option you get. Roll a D4 unless told otherwise

    1. Humanoid: Go to the Humanoids chart
    2. Cephalopod: Go to the Cephalopod chart:
    3. Other: Go to the Other Chart:
    4. Disembodied: Go the Disembodied Chart

    These are human shaped beings, probably very human like, probably human like only in general shape.

    1. Human Look alike: The species may look entirely human, or mostly human save for a few differences.
    2. Vulcanoid: The species looks mostly human, but clearly are not.
    3. Orkoid: While humanoid in shape, they are clearly not human.
    4. Titanoid: The species looks more like Ultras than huma…

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  • SolZen321

    Transformers Generator

    January 21, 2020 by SolZen321

    Since I've made a Super Robot Generator, and Evil Robot Generator, I've thought about making a Transformers Character generator/randomizer.

    This basically devolves to good guy or bad guy faction, main or side or subgroup, or neutral. Pick what you want. Or you could go through all of this and decide afterwards.

    Their primary role in the field

    1. Communications: Information gathering, signal manipulation, these are the bots for that sort of task.
    2. Ninja: Yes, there are transformers who are basically ninjas. You can get multiple forms.
    3. Engineer: The builders.
    4. Seeker: The jets. If you get this your alternate mode is default a jet, unless you are a triple changer.
    5. Soldier: Your pure fighter.
    6. Medic: The bots who fix up everyone else.
    7. Scientist: The smart bo…

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  • SolZen321

    Evil Empire Generator

    November 16, 2019 by SolZen321

    As almost as iconic as the Super Robots themselves are the villains they fight which often come in the form of evil organizations, or empires, which produce the monster-of-the-week.

    For ease, the design part is going to limited to near human beings. If you want to a more alien creature, try using this .

    I feel the need to remind people that everything is optional, you don't need to use this if you've already come up with something.

    1. Space
    2. Crime
    3. Super
    4. Science
    5. Black
    6. Dark
    7. Star
    8. Neo
    9. Underground/World
    10. Imperial
    11. Dimensional
    12. Hades

    1. Mafia
    2. Empire
    3. Family
    4. Clan
    5. Tribe
    6. Army
    7. Cluster
    8. Party
    9. Gang
    10. Kingdom
    11. Pirates
    12. Group
    13. Pending

    • Syllables
      1. 2
      2. 3
      3. 2
      4. 3
    • First Syllable
      1. Ma
      2. Me
      3. Wa
      4. Ne
      5. Bi
      6. Ja
      7. Mel
      8. E
      9. Va
      10. Mag
      11. Me
      12. Go
      13. Tu
      14. Vol
      15. Bou
      16. Zo
      17. Vy
      18. Ban
      19. Gor
      20. Ba
    • Second Syllable
      1. Ku
      2. Do
      3. Ga
      4. Ler
      5. Ros
      6. O
      7. Zar
      8. Gos
      9. Der
      10. Dar
      11. Des
      12. Z
      13. Shin
      14. T
      15. Ne
      16. Ram
      17. Do
      18. Ra
      19. Nez
      20. Ba;
    • Third Syllable
      1. U
      2. Fu
      3. U
      4. Ma
      5. On
      6. D
      7. K
      8. Ka
      9. Tu
      10. B…

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  • SolZen321

    Kaiju Generator

    November 16, 2019 by SolZen321

    If this looks similar to the Kaiju Generator on UltraFan Wiki, that's because it is, after all, I did that one, so why should I reinvent the wheel when I own it?

    Like last time, let us start with the creature's background.

    This is where the kaiju comes from

    Rolld D8

    1. Space: It came from space
    2. Underground: This creature was always around but something forced it from underground.
    3. Deep Sea: This creature lives deeper than humans are comfortable with going, maybe in undersea caves.
    4. Ancient Ruins: This creature slumbers in ancient ruins, possibly worshipped as a god.
    5. Sealed/Sleeping: This creature hibernates in a remote location, either of its own accord or sealed away till some fool woke it up.
    6. Mutant: This creature is a mutation. You can reroll for an …

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  • SolZen321

    Evil Robot Generator

    November 5, 2019 by SolZen321

    Since we have a Super Robot Generator, why not an Evil Robot Generator? What good is a hero without a villain to defeat?

    Thus, we're here, with an Evil Robot Generator, like the Kaiju Generator, but for giant evil robots. Just a reminder, this is not for 'Real Robot'. This is also not for evil robots like Decepticons, just normal evil robots. For maybe use the normal generator.

    Just remember, you don't have to use 'everything' on this list. If you have a basic idea but are not sure how to give it it's own unique spin, you can just use part of this, the part that is appropriate. Go wild, have fun, battle it out in cities responsibly.

    1. Quadraped: Instead of walking on two legs, it runs on four. Greater stability and greater speed.
    2. Arachnid: Bugs.…

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  • SolZen321

    Super Robot Generator

    October 25, 2019 by SolZen321

    I've been making several character generators on UltraFan recently, so I figured...why not here? Ergo, this wiki is now going to have a Super Robot Generator. Have fun, there is an online dice roller...all over the internet, so don't worry, and let's get this started.

    Now something to note before we go, is that as Super Robots, yeah, these things are automatically humanoid in shape, or at the very least that assumption this generator is going to operate on.

    For plannings sake, the sections will be. General Design, Background, Powers and Stuff about the Pilot.

    Roll a D4 for the shade of color, both primary and secondary.

    1. Bright: 
    2. Dull:
    3. Neon:
    4. Dark:

    Roll a D10

    1. Red
    2. Orange
    3. Yellow
    4. Blue
    5. Green
    6. White
    7. Black
    8. Grey
    9. Purple
    10. Roll Again

    Because some people won't notice if I …

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  • SolZen321

    Knights Vs Dragons

    July 2, 2018 by SolZen321

    Hey, SolZen here. Those that know my work on Ultraman and Ultra Fan Wiki, are familiar with the fact that I do blogs there, editorials and even tutorial. I decided it was long past due that I do some of those here. I may also do something similar on one of the other wikis, but for now this topic is about Super Robots, specifically the exploration of an idea, a theory from the perspective of the Super Robot Genre.

    So come along as I rattle on and pretend to be smarter than I actually am, and who know you may learn something.

    The theory in question, is one I have come up with, a thematic distillation of several fairy tale and modern stories, especially in Tokusatsu, which I call, the Knight versus Dragon Theory. Simply put, the stereotypical s…

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  • Sentinel 72

    What's Next?

    December 26, 2016 by Sentinel 72

    So after I've finished writing the Astral Imperial Army. I had nothing else to do other than staring at red links thinking on what should I write next. So, which page should I write first?

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  • SolZen321

    While this Wiki is for Super Robot, there is nothing in the rulse stating that I can't talk about something else in a blog.

    This is my idea for a game, a mixture of Warhammer 40K, the Fallout Franchise and Space Engineers. I am not writing this as some sort of preview, I have no experience making such things, nor the computer needed for such a task, nor the money (at this point in time) to buy something like that.

    This idea started out as an idea for a Space Engineers, a Clone Army mod, basically create a device to create NPC to help the player, in the form of a loyal clone army. As I though about how it would work, the logistics of the progamming/algorithms (thank you all my programming teachers, even you Ms. Best, for hardwiring my brain l…

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  • Thaxander12

    So what is the difference between super sentai and here? Do we get to make our own rangers here and do other cool things?

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  • SolZen321

    Art to help with Drawing

    February 1, 2016 by SolZen321

    Hey guys, I'm posting these pictures to help users in drawing image for Profiles on character pages. I know it seems weird since I generally don't draw anything, but if someone wants/needs help, hopefully these will.

    I am an art fan, so pictures like these that I find on the web I want to admire, especially concept art. So here I will be posting pictures I have found of concept art, that you can use to help you sketch/draw a robot of your own.

    While I'm trying to help, mine is not the be-all on how to draw a robot and I sugest finding professional books etc.

    Note: If anyone asks me to take down these pictures, as they claim ownership, I will. Also don't post these pictures as your characters.

    Firstly, the basic rules of creating a giant robot,…

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  • SolZen321

    Hey guys, SolZen here, I'm doing this blog to help anyone who wants to create their own transformers robot. I don't know about drawing, that's something else entirely, but as for designing them, this may help.

    Firstly you may want to choose which style you are going with. These will determine what kind of transformation they will do. Here are the main styles I can think up, bit if you can think of more I will add them.

    • 70's Style: This one has your bot is the smooth, curved body famous with bots like Tetsujin 28 a.k.a. Gigantor, Ambassador Magma and the like. Here you don't have to worry about a too realistic transformation if you don't want too.
    • 80's Style: Think G1 transformers, blocky bodies and a bit more realistic transformation (not alw…

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