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Beyond Mobile Suit GUNDAM ESPECIAL, or simply Gundam Especial is fan-story by HoshinoKaabi based on the Gundam franchise. Gundam Especial takes place in an original timeline during the BE(Beyond Earth) Era.


The BE Era started when the first space colony was founded by the America-Europe-Asia Alliance; or the AEA(pronounced "Ae-ya") Alliance. By the time of BE128 26 different space colonies had been established, however a terrorist group called ZEED stationed in the space colonies appeared. On May 13th they made their biggest attack destroying the Central Earth Spacepot. No one was sure how they destroyed it, but in a second it was gone, and an odd glitter seemed to fill the sky when it happened. Due to the odd phenomenon the day was remembered as "Space's Cry".

By BE135 Espers had started appearing. By this time ZEED had continued it's attacks against the AEA, and had assimilated many space colonies into it's control. Full out war had begun. The AEA saw that the Espers could be used as a weapon, and captured all of them, hiding them from the public. The ESPALIER project then began.

BE146, Espers live in secluded space colonies, monitored by scientists. They live normal lives, they think the world they are in is all that there is. They don't know they are being studied, and being prepared as weapons. They don't know that soon they'll be the turning point in the war. They'll be the pilots of a Mobile Suit beyond any ever seen before...


Silas Zicht

A 16-year old Esper. He has the ability to predict movements and quick calculations. This gives him a high edge in combat, and makes him a ace-pilot for the Gundam Especial.

Klanz Deu'Contre

A 17-year old Esper, and a friend of Silas'. He can control people's minds, though only to an extant. People with weaker minds or self-doubt are easier to manipulate, and he uses this ability to make his enemies fall into his plan when he pilots the GUndam Especial.

Slein Branden

A 16-year old Esper who is a pyrokinetic. She uses these abilities to weaken her enemies when piloting the Gundam Especial. She can also combust far off targets when she tries hard enough.

Darren Vergayer

A 14-year old with issues. He is very creepy and ghost like. He has telekineses, allowing him to maneuver his beam-sword from afar while battling in the Gundam Especial.

Agent Masque

A ZEED operative. He is an ace mobile suit pilot and is searching for the Gundam Especial's theorised counterpart.

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