The twins and more members of Solus' posse, the twins both transform into sports cars. They are combiners becoming the giant Head Smasher or Road Wrecker depending on how they combine.


The twins look alike except for their color schemes. Head is Orange/Red, while Shot is light blue.. Both wear helmets similar to a race car driver.



  • A4 Pulse Cannon: Head's arm turns into a cannon that fires sticky grenades, exploding and his leisure.
  • Chaos Grenade Launch: Shot's arm turns into a cannon that fires Plasma Grenades, high quality explosives.
  • Mental Link: Each always knows where the other is.

Alternate Modes

Weapons Tech and Abilities

  • Combine: The twins can combine to form a large stronger robot.

  • Nitro: As sports cars, the twins can give themselves a speed boost when needed
  • Machine Guns: When in Vehicle mode they use machine guns to fight back, firing tracer rounds.

With Head serving as the upper body and Shot as the feet, the twins become a powerhouse.

Weapons Tech and Abilities

  • Strength: Head Smasher can easily overpower the average bot
  • Pulse Burst Rifle: Head smasher uses an upgraded that fires multiple bombs at once.

With Shot serving as the upper body and Head as the legs, the twins are now faster than ever before.

Weapons Tech and Abilities

  • Chaos Charge Rifle: Road Wrecker now uses an upgraded version of Shot's weapon. He can now use his grenades in a sniper fashion.
  • Thrusters: He now has thrusters he can use to flew and give him a speed boost in combat.


  • Vehicle to Robot: The twins both transform in the same way. Their arm pop out from the side of the arm, their back transform into feet with the metal plating shifting around. Their vehicle hud morph and form chest armor as the heads pop out.
  • Head Smasher: Heads arms transform into shoulder pads. HIs lower body collapses upward and his legs become arms. His brother's head folds into his chest armor and his chest, arms and legs merge to becoe lower body and the two join.
  • Road Wrecker: Shot becomes the upper body and his brother becomes the lower body.



  • Head and Shot are based of friends of SolZen321
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