This page is to help define certain types of Super Robot Characters, specifically the Super Robot or Mecha Anime Genres. While these types can also apply to individual characters/robots they are really being used here just for the Genres.

Operating Types

  • Sentient: Think the Transformers for a good examples, robots (or robotic life forms if you want to be technical) that can "think and feel as we do". This ranges anywhere from full blown sentience, A.I., imbued Human Souls (Insert Neon Genesis Evangelion joke), to magical entities such as golems. Basically, there is no one pulling their strings when they move.
  • Remote Controlled: Bots, controlled from a distance, for example Tetsujin 28.
  • Worn: These are bots where the users get into them to control them, wearing them like suit, fusion or robot which fuse with other robots.
  • Piloted: Think Gundam, or Mazinger Z, robots that are controlled internally by a pilot.

Character Types

  • Pinocchio: The robot who wishes to be human or who has human feelings and/or is on a journey to gaining their own sense of humanity. Of course with villains this can go down a dark path with them hating humanity for its refusal to accept them.
  • Super Robot: Just replace Robot with Hero and you have the gist of it.
  • Partner: Often with a human pilot, owner, wearer etc, they form a strong bond of friendship with their partner (or a romance if you want to be weird)>
  • Guardian: Similar to before but the robot often serves as the main character's guardian of sorts and confidant, usually the silent type but not always. Unlike before where there is clear character interactions between human or bot, with this relationship, the main character or partner is usually the only one to understand the robot.
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