A Path Blaster is a type of Railgun that fires large slugs (a type of bullet) filled with plasma which causes the bullet to glow.


The slug is designed to flatten out on impact causing the kinetic energy to all transfer to the target as well as violently release the stored plasma in a violent explosion. With the amount of force in a standard model it can devastate conventional Earth 21st century Tank armor.

The slug is made from highly dense materials allowing it to batter down shields and pierce most forms of armor. When excess mass is not available, it can act as a simple very powerful blaster.

Common Upgrades

  • Ion Catridge: Stores extra energy to be used in the gun.
  • Quantum Stabilizers: Improves the accuracy of the weapon greatly.
  • Heat Sink: Rapidly cools the gun so that it can continue firing without fear of overheating.


  • It's name as nature are inspired by Optimus Prime's weapons in Transformers Prime.
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