A plasma caster is any type of weapon that fires bolts of plasma. They are a type of weapon which include Plasma Blaster, Pistols, Rifles, Cannons etc.


The appearance of one generally varies per size, design, culture, technology etc, but it is almost always a gun.


A Plasma Caster fires plasma, highly ionized, high temperature gas, at the opponent. How it does this varies per design and technology, but it is most commonly fired from a barrel. Because of its nature, plasma can burn through most natural and most conventional defenses and materials in the galaxy and at higher charges are explosive. The weakest version can kill most organics in a single shot and stronger variants can pierce the hull of a space ship. The strongest known variant is the Fusion Cannon which can cause tactical nuke level destruction in a typical shot.

However Plasma Casters are mainly used by the more advance races, due to their high energy cost compared to other weapons such as blasters and are generally used as turrets with a direct connection to the needed power.


  • Plasma Buster: An arm mounted cannon version.
  • Fusion Cannon: Generally used by ships or bases, these fire Nuke Level shots of Plasma. There are smaller hand held versions that cause small payload size blasts at full charge.
  • Plasma Rifle: A rifle which fires Plasma Bullets instead of normal bullets or Energy Bullets.
  • Fusion Weaponry: An alternate term for Plasma Weapons in some cases.
  • Type 3 Blasters: These are basically watered down forms of Plasma Weaponry.
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