Another of Solus' friends, this bot is usually laid back and in a daze, while not the largest or strongest of the group. Smokes can turn invisible and can also see anyone else who is invisible. Turns into a style Rally car.


Smokes is a white bot with black lines, he is slightly shorter than the average bot but with an average build. Unlike most of his friends, instead of a human pair of eyes, he has goggle style eyes, a long blue visor. On his back is his race fin.


Smokes is hard to upset, he is generally found taking a sample of his recreational Ethium sticks which he shares with his friends. While appearing somewhat slow to those who don't know him, he is an expert marksmen.


  • Marksmanship: Smokes is an expert marksmen who can take a shot from miles away with any gun.
  • Cloaking Field: Smokes can turn invisible at will.
  • Surveillance: Smokes can detect anyone or anything using a cloaking device.

Alternate Modes

Weapons Tech and Abilities

  • Photon Pulse Rifle: A high tech sniper rifle that unfolds from Smokes' arm. It is capable of devastating damage even from far away but requires being recharged after each shot.
  • Ethium Cannon: A standard model.
  • Goggles: Smokes' eye(s) can see vast distance, much further than his friends'
  • Mag-Claw: An energy hook shot for helping Smokes get to a better vantage point.

Smokes transforms into a sports car. It is primarily white with black stripes on the side.

Weapons Tech and Abilities

  • Nitro: Smokes has the best Nitro of his friends.
  • Stealth Mode: Smokes can partially transform in vehicle mode to be able to better maneuver in urban/tight areas and blend in with the surroundings.


  • Vehicle to Robot: Smokes' arms come out of the wheels turning them into shoulder armor. His car front become his chest armor as his head rises up. The back of the car splits open and collapses and form into legs while his back, the car center, collapses into a mid section and a holster/quiver for his gun and Mag-Claw



  • Smokes is based on a friend of SolZen321
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