A series about the conflict between Giant Robots, Giant Monsters and a Giant Hero. (Note the name is a work in progress)


A world were giant robots fight giant monsters and a giant stands as the third party to the conflict.

It's also a recycling of old ideas that went nowhere.


  • Jean Haven: Main character
    • Sol: The Giant of Light.
  • Cathene Haven: Jeans grandmother
  • Maxine Hunter: Jean's mother, with whom she shares a strained relationship.
  • Mathew Hunter: Jean's civilian step-father
  • The Sisters: A group of clones who pilot the Evolroids. They do not get along with Jean.
  • Dr. Hamilton: A scientist interest in the nature and power of the Light, monsters and the giant.
  • Odessa Satellite: Jean's half sister, who holds a rivalry with Maxine.
  • Philip Sing:
  • Ruth Choi:
  • The Tao Family: A powerful and influential family interested in post-human abilities and evolution.
    • Emon: The spectacle wearing Patriarch. He has been the head of the family for as long as anyone can remember.
    • Makoto: A red haired member, she frequently interacts with Shukasa, despite his diverging opinions to the goals of the Tao.
    • Shukasa: A member who exiled himself. Due to his strong potential and genius, the elders are keen to get him to comeback.
    • Tsubasa: A member who works in the government, his job is to keep Tao activity secret.
    • Mitsuhiro: Branch family member who seeks to advance his station.
    • Ayanami: Mitsuhiro's daughter, in the same year as Jean.
    • Harold Satellite the 3rd: Odessa's father. The Satellite family is/was a lowly branch family until its rise to prominence, however, during that time it has drifted apart and no longer cares for its goals.
    • Martha Satellite: Odessa's sickly mother
  • Minor Characters
    • Debbie Theodore: A popular girl at school
    • Margret James: Another popular girl at school. Head of the Drama Club
    • Max Collins: The popular guy of the school and Odessa's boyfriend, he has also hit on Sara before and several other girls.
    • Joshua Daniels: the resident punk kid, despite his appearance he is not a goth and just likes the outfit. He hangs out with Jean and Ruth.
    • Allister Simon: The resident nerd, does not get along well with Sara due to their competing egos.
  • Pending


  • The Light and the Giants of Light
    • The Introduction to the world and its conflict
  • Prometheus:
    • The Question of why Monsters, Giant Robots and the Giant exist.
  • Sisterhood:
    • Odessa arrives at the base.
  • The Girl with Three Fathers
    • Jean's past is explored.
  • The Red Giant
    • TBA
  • The Blue Light
    • The revelations of the prior episode are examined.
  • Pending.



Things of Note

  • Evolroids: Mankind's defense against the Kaiju
  • Light of Evolution: The reason for the existence of Kaiju and Giant Monsters
  • Stellar Energy: The power Sol runs on
  • Gene: The organization in charge of the Evolroids and the Sisters of Battle.
  • Prometheus Core: The main power core of Gene's main base.
  • Restraint Rods: Devices that readily absorb Red Light radiation to help control the Evolroids.
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