Subspace refers to the various layers/dimensions within a give Space-Time Zone (A universe) and the Dimension Layers between them.


Across the layers of Subspace, the Kinetic Model (the structure of atoms) changes leading to different physics to the perceivable eye. To best understand Subspace think of Space-Time not as a sheet of paper but light EM Waves, with our perceivable universe being our equivalent to light while the other dimensions being different frequencies outside our visual range and therefore invisible and nonexistent to use.


  • Dimensional/Phase/Subspace Frequency: Basically coordinates across Subspace. One's current or native subspace Frequency is called N-Space
  • N-Space: The current subspace frequency one inhabits.
  • Z-Space: The entirety of Subspace or just simply non N-Space
  • Phase Energy: Manipulated by Photo-Electrons to bend gravity in such a way, it is how Subspace is generally manipulated
  • Subspace Field: A region of space where space is distorted across Subspace frequencies, generally seen in warp fields.

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