Hey guys, I'm posting these pictures to help users in drawing image for Profiles on character pages. I know it seems weird since I generally don't draw anything, but if someone wants/needs help, hopefully these will.

I am an art fan, so pictures like these that I find on the web I want to admire, especially concept art. So here I will be posting pictures I have found of concept art, that you can use to help you sketch/draw a robot of your own.

While I'm trying to help, mine is not the be-all on how to draw a robot and I sugest finding professional books etc.

Note: If anyone asks me to take down these pictures, as they claim ownership, I will. Also don't post these pictures as your characters.

Basic Tutorial

Firstly, the basic rules of creating a giant robot, mainly a transformer

  1. Draw a skeleton: These are lines and circles, showing the length of each limb, where the joints are, the head and the position the robot is going to be in (you could also use this for human characters).
  2. Add the Blocks: Most robots are just rectangles and squares placed together in a humanoid shape, I'm serious, in theory, typical robot designs should be the easiest thing to draw. Once you've done your skeleton you can start drawing the basic cubiods, rectangles etc, using the prior lines and circles as guidelines. Or, if you're going more 70's style Cylinders and circles, while more modern styles would have a mixture of round and straight.
  3. Add the Kibble: These are the basic/extra features that imply the alternate mode, or the detailing of your robot, if they're not a transformer. You could also add in the head.
  4. Final Detail: This is just the final touches

There are other ways to use this, other designs, but having a starting skeleton helps.

Masami Obari Style

This image is from RyugaSSJ3 an artist on Deviantart, be sure to check his stuff out.

Masami Obari is known for having some of the best Super Robot art and designs. In fact he probably created many of the tropes of the series, such as the Obari Sword Swing, something you've probably seen several times in other shows that don't circle around robots. I hope this tutorial helps with those who want to create more realistic/awesome designs.


Possibly the hardest part of drawing Robots, super or otherwise, are the optics, the eyes. Here's a image from Devianart Artist Suzylin

Concept Art

Concept art I've found all over the internet. None of this is mine, and no, don't try to pass it off as your own. Besides it's concept art, unfinished.

Other Tutorials

  • Crimson Nemesis: I find this to be one of the best tutorials on Deviant Art.
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